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  • MSAK827 MSAK827


    USB Powered LED Backlight Stage for high-contrast or transmitted light. DETAILS MSAK827 is a portable USB Powered LED Backlight stage designed to fit on most Dino-Lite stands. Simply connect the MSAK827 to a USB port on a computer or AC adapter (not...

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  • MS16J Ring holder inspection arm MS16J Ring holder inspection arm

    MS16J Ring holder inspection arm

    DETAILS Ring Holder Inspection Arm, MS16J. This ring mount has a Spring-loaded hook collar which provides to securely hold a ring for inspection under a Dino-Lite with a rotational or swinging movement. Optional Use: Double-sided tape included to secure...

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  • MSAK826W MSAK826W


    Photo box for premium image capture when lighting and color matters and is designed for image capture for numismatics and jewelry. Includes an 8" LED light bar. This stand allows you to place the Dino-Lite outside of the box and view from the open slot...

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  • MSAH352 MSAH352


    The silicone cover was designed to provide additional protection in an extensive range of applications. The protective silicone cover enhances durability and protects your device from scratches and dents. The long lasting silicone skin will shield the...

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    The MSA2T is an optional add-on accessory to the RK-10A / RK-06A stand (not included). This attachment allows users to reach up to 12" viewing height (RK-10A max 8" without MSA2T) with the stand and additional rotation for angled viewing. Simply adjust...

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  • RK-10-PX RK-10-PX


    The RK-10-PX is an optional XY positioning arm accessory for the RK-10A / RK-06A stands. The finely machined adjustment knobs on the RK-10-PX provide users with a 3cm x 3cm XY adjustment range. This type of positioning allows for precise movements when...

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    Black holster for handheld microscopes designed for Dino-Lite stands and Dino-Lite non-polarized models.Compatible with entry level models: AM: 2111, 3111, 3113, 4111, 4113T, AD SeriesIncompatible models: Any AM polarizing models "ZT" including:...

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  • MS33A MS33A


    MS33A is a fully adjustable articulating arm designed for Dino-Lite microscope cameras. The articulating arm can be handled and adjusted simply with one hand with the single knob locking mechanism which when tightened will hold the Dino-Lite in the...

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  • MSAH310 MSAH310


    Compact utility case with pick & fit foam shapes all your small equipment and accessories for an accurate fit. The durable metal corners and anchor rivets give all-around protection for your equipment. Specifications Warranty Period 1...

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